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Date: April 15, 2015

Contact Name: Brad Mason, Chief Administrative Officer

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New Animal Control Bylaw for Acme     


(Acme) – After receiving feedback from the community, the Village of Acme Council passed a new Animal Control Bylaw on April 13, 2015.  The Bylaw was first presented to Council in March, and following first reading, Council requested a consultative process with residents consisting of a survey and two information sessions, with the intent of creating a bylaw that reflected the wants and needs of the residents.

 The survey was well received with 57 responses.  23 responses came through the Facebook link on the Village Facebook page, 21 from the link on the Village webpage, and 13 paper copies were received.  The survey results are available at

 The information sessions were well attended, and included productive discussion and feedback.  A summary of the feedback is attached.  The draft bylaw was amended based on the feedback received and reviewed with Council at the April 13 Council Meeting.  Council gave the Bylaw second and third reading, and the Animal Control Bylaw #2014-07 has passed and is now in effect.

 Major changes include the requirement for dogs to be on a leash when off of the owners property and a “Pet Fancier’s License” available for residents who wish to apply to keep more than four pets.  The Bylaw provides for off leash areas and the Village is currently determining suitable locations.  Council also heard the resident’s concerns regarding pet feces and a lack of pet waste disposal dispensers.  There was also a concern regarding cats at large, including feral cats.  The Village is currently researching both issues and will bring forward proposals to address these concerns.  The Village is also completing increased responsible pet ownership educational materials based on the feedback received.

 The new Bylaw is available at the Village Office or at

 For further information contact Brad Mason, Chief Administrative Officer at 403-546-3783 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Village of Acme

April 15, 2015





There was significant discussion regarding the definition of “running at large”.  The consensus was that dogs should be on a leash when off of the owner’s property.  There was some discussion as to whether, if there is no fence, a dog should be required to be tied up while on the owners property, but no consensus was reached.

 There was general agreement on the viscous dog sections, with support for the provisions and licensing requirement.  There were comments in favour of significant fines that would act as a deterrent to not following the Bylaw. 

 Almost half of the attendees felt there was, to varying degrees, a problem with cats in the Village.  There was acknowledgement that cats are hard to control when at large.  In the end, there was no direction to require cats to be leashed or contained in the owners yard, but it was felt that should a cat be a nuisance, the owner was responsible and the bylaw should apply and be enforced.  Two comments were made regarding a mouse problem and that a maximum of three cats was too restrictive.

 The majority felt that the Village should investigate a partnership with a third party group to operate or support a feral cat program within the Village.

 There was consensus that livestock should be allowed on agricultural land within the corporate limits of the Village.

 In regards to other animals and pets, it was generally agreed that potbellied pigs were not a problem and should be allowed.  The majority supported a limit of one rabbit per household, unless additional rabbits were sterilized.  Some felt rabbits should not be restricted at all as they were a natural inhabitant. 

 Almost all of the attendees felt that there should be a provision to have more than four domestic animals, and supported the conditions of such a license, including approval of neighbours.  Discussion was held regarding the fact that neighbours come and go, but all that were in favour agreed that the provision regarding two legitimate complaints would cover that situation.

 There was general agreement to the conditions of a pet fancier license, other than an increased fee.  The concept of paying a regular license fee for each animal was supported, but no additional fees beyond that.

 There was discussion regarding birds, some feeling all birds including ornamental birds should be allowed.  While a few supported the keeping of small number of laying hens, no roosters, the majority were not in favour of this concept.

 There was much discussion regarding responsible pet ownership, and encouraging this.  There was also a strong feeling that pet feces were not being picked up by many, that this was a problem, and that the Village should focus on education and enforcement in this regard.


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