Sunday, December 21, 2014
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If you would like to see the winners and some of the honourable mentions from the Angels 3rd Annual Christmas Lighting Contest from last night, please go to the Newsletters Section on our website.  There is a listing there with the photos and a write-up.  Great community Spirit!!

TAXES – Reminder that all 2014 property taxes must be paid prior to Dec. 31. 2014.  Any remaining balances on tax accounts will be subject to a 16% penalty charge.

Acme United Church Christmas Eve Service:  Potluck @ 4:30 pm, Christmas Eve Service @ 6pm.  Come and meet Reverend Jean Udall our new Minister.  Everyone welcome.

Village Office Holiday Hours


December 24th – 8am - noon

December 25th & 26th – closed

December 29th & 30th – regular hours

December 31st – 8am - noon

January 1st & 2nd – closed

Acme Transfer Site Holiday Hours

December 23rd – 9am – 5pm

December 25th - closed

December 27th – 9am – 5pm

December 30th – 9am – 5pm

January 1st - closed


 The road salts that Acme Public Works uses are for roads only not sidewalks. Over time, the salts in the gravel are corrosive to the concrete, causing pits where water and salt can sit, damaging sidewalks. Please use a certified sidewalk de-icer. It will say on the label if it can be used on sidewalks. It will save all of us from replacing the sidewalk at a cost of $90per/ft.


Snowmobiles/ATVs are not permitted within the Village. If you are going out of town, you may drive down the alleys or streets, (direct route out of town). You are NOT PERMITTED to go across any private properties or on the walking path.  All snowmobiles/ATV’s need to have license plates and insurance.  Speed shall not exceed 20 km/hr.  Snowmobiles/ATV’s are prohibited from being used between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. (please remember to obey all rules of the road).


DID YOU KNOW….that during a power outage in the winter season volunteers open up the community centre.  It is powered by a generator, meaning it is warm there!!  Next time the power goes out and you need a warm place to stay, come on over. 


Remember this Spring when we had the production crew in Acme to shoot a commercial? Well follow the is Main Street Acme in all it's glory!

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