Sunday, March 29, 2015
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March 24, 2015


The Terms of Sale for Lot 25-26, Block 6, Plan 2315AB, for sale by public auction on March 30, 2015 at the Village of Acme Office have been changed effective March 24, 2105. 

The amended Terms are:


            a)         The Village of Acme is responsible for the demolition of the buildings, and backfilling with a suitable clean fill.  Otherwise, the land is offered for sale on an “as is, where is” basis and the Village of Acme makes no representations and gives no warranty whatsoever on the adequacy of services, soil conditions, land use districting, building and development conditions, absence or presence of environmental contamination, or the developability of the subject lands for any intended use by the Purchaser.

b)         Payment by cash or certified cheque, 50% of payment due upon sale date and 50% due within 15 days of sale date.  GST may apply on properties sold at public auction.


For further information, please contact Brad Mason, Chief Administrative Officer at 403-546-3783.

Please take our Survey.  Your input is valued.


Information Sessions Regarding Proposed Animal Control Bylaw


The Village of Acme will be hosting two information sessions regarding the proposed Animal Control Bylaw 2015-07.  The sessions will be held at the Village Office, 203 Clark Street on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.


 Proposed changes or areas of discussion include:


  1. The definition of “Running At Large”.  The current bylaw is ambiguous in this regard.  There are really two options.  To be considered running at large, an animal must be off the premises of its owner and:


    1. Under the immediate and continuous control of a person capable of effectively controlling the animal, or
    2. On a leash.


  1. The proposed bylaw includes the provision for a person who wishes to keep more than the allowed number of animals to apply for a Kennel License.  Such a license would include conditions, an opportunity for public consultation and appeal to Council.


  1. The bylaw defines a vicious dog, and specifies that such an animal must be confined indoors or specifies the requirements of an outdoor locked pen.  It requires that a vicious dog is muzzled, on a leash of under 1 meter, and under the control of an adult when off of the owners property.  Based on the definition of a vicious dog, the Animal Control Officer or Peace Officer may apply to the courts with an application to have a dog deemed vicious under the Dangerous Dogs Act.   Until a Court hearing is conducted, the animal will be deemed a Vicious Dog and the owner must comply with the same requirements.  Vicious dog owners are also required to obtain a Vicious Dog Permit, and face stiffer penalties for any infraction.


  1. The current bylaw places restrictions on what animals may be kept in the village as pets, such as rabbits, birds, pot-bellied pigs, etc.  What should the new bylaw include?


The Village is also conducting a survey to gather feedback.  It is available on the Village Website or paper copies are available at the Village Office.


The Animal Control Bylaw should be designed to reflect the needs or wants of the community.  We look forward to your participation and feedback.


Our first Nature Club meeting will be held March 30th, 2015 from 6PM to 7PM at 801 Prospect Avenue.  We are going to do two crafts. There is no charge to join the club. We welcome any kids over the age of 6. Call 546-6785 for more information.


The Nature Club, a new group in Acme formed by 5 – 6 young friends aged 7-8 years old, is working towards planting flowers in public places in the Village of Acme.  They are looking for any and all types of support, including donations of funds, flowers and other supplies needed.  They also welcome new members who wish to join The Nature Club

Acme Campground News

Campground Attendant – Sheila (403) 862-0183

 Attendant is now taking bookings for the 2015 Season.


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Permit Applications Forms – here you will find the forms, fees and other information.


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