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Acme Community Centre

139 Allison Street

Acme, AB   T0M 0A0

For bookings please visit

For any other inquiries, please contact the Village of Acme Office. 



As Chairman of the Acme Community Centre, I would like to welcome the world to our beautiful building. After losing our Memorial Hall to fire on March 13th 2004, the community of Acme pulled together to create a new facility that has served our community and the surrounding area since 2006.

Our community centre accommodates large functions such as weddings, graduations and concerts in our beautiful main auditorium, and smaller events such as corporate meetings or small family reunions in one of our meeting rooms. We have a full complement of bar & kitchen facilities available for rent. We also maintain relationships with local caterers and servers to meet with your exact meal requirements for any size of function. Our spacious bar serves onto the main auditorium. You will find our rental rates and terms very accommodating for every size budget.

Located only 45 minutes NE of Calgary, the Acme Community Centre would be a great place to host your next function.

- Douglas Miller
Chairman of the Acme Community Centre


The first Acme Memorial Hall, built after World War II, was destroyed by fire on January 31, 1949. Our second Hall was also lost to a fire March 13, 2004. With funds from insurance, government grants, community donations, and a tremendous amount of work from community leaders & volunteers, the third iteration of our community centre opened its doors in 2006.

Our new community centre is a showcase of community Halls. Countless hours went into the planning stage as board members travelled to neighbouring communities visiting their centres. All the features for a great gathering place were compiled and fine-tuned & the result is our spectacular community centre.

We welcome you to Acme & we hope our Hall will be your next location for your special function.


The Acme Community Centre opened its doors in 2006. It is a modern, accessible, Community Centre that can fit the needs of most groups and events. The entire facility is ground level and easily accessible. The facility has wi-fi available throughout for internet access. 


If you have any questions or concerns you have about the facility, please contact the Village Office.

Walkthroughs are required for all events including Weddings & Larger Functions.

To schedule a walkthrough, please contact either Shelly or Viv: 

Shelly at 403-546-3883 (home) / 403-813-3233 (cell)

Viv at 403-546-3784 (home) / 403-369-1301 (cell)


Main Auditorium

Standing / Seated: 654

Tables & Chairs: 516

Licensed Event (Liquor): 408

Stage Area in Auditorium

Standing / Seated: 100

Tables & Chairs: 100

Licensed Event (Liquor): 100

North Meeting Room

Standing / Seated: 133

Tables & Chairs: 105

Licensed Event (Liquor): 83

South Meeting Room

Standing / Seated: 118

Tables & Chairs: 93

Licensed Event (Liquor): 74 

Rental Rates

Main Auditorium

1/2 Day: $150

Full Day: $300

2 Day: $550

2 1/2 Day: $650

Damage Deposit: $500

Kitchen & Bar

1/2 Day: $150

Full Day: $150

2 Day: $250

2 1/2 Day: $350

Damage Deposit: $500

Single Meeting Room

1/2 Day: $100

Full Day: $125

2 Day: $200

2 1/2 Day: $250

Damage Deposit: $250

Double Meeting Room

1/2 Day: $150

Full Day: $200

2 Day: $300

2 1/2 Day: $400

Damage Deposit: $250

Full Facility

1/2 Day: $400

Full Day: $600

2 Day: $1100

2 1/2 Day: $1500

Damage Deposit: $500

A $50 corkage fee will be changed at time of booking for all events using the Bar.

The Stage Area total can be combined with any "Main Hall" total to increase capacity.
½ Day rentals constitute a maximum five (5) hour period ending by 4:00 pm.
1 Day rentals constitute any period over five (5) hours or any evening rental.
2 Day rentals begin at 8:00 am the first day of the rental period.
2 ½ Day rental is from Friday 8:00 am to Sunday 2:00 pm. or any equivalent time frame.




The entrance has a 30 x 42 foot cement pad, and a covered canopy over the main entrance with a 12'9" clearance. The entrance is well lit.


Just inside the main entrance, there is a large vestibule and foyer, coat room, and a ticket booth.

Main Auditorium

The main room is the auditorium and measures 67'8" x 75'10" and has a 10 foot high ceiling (14 feet over the dance floor!). The floor is a combination of hardwood and carpet. The seating capacity of the auditorium varies depending on how the room is set-up; please see the rental details page and information sheet for more details.

Meeting Rooms

The Acme Community Centre has two meeting rooms. The first, the "North" room, measures 32'3" x 32'9"; the second, the "South" room is 37'2" x 32'9". Both rooms have a 12' ceiling. There is a retractable partition that can be recessed to create one large meeting room. There is counter space with cupboards & sinks, a movable podium which can access the built in PA system, a drop-down projection screen, as well as dry erase and cork boards available.


The stage is 24'6" x 24'9". The stage is accessible by stair from both side, as well as from a retractable hardwood staircase that leads from the dance floor to the stage. There is a removable podium with a built in microphone, stage lighting, a drop-down projection screen, and full length stage curtains. There is loading area back stage to easily load gear in and out. There is a piano available. There are also adjoining dressing rooms and washrooms.

Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen includes convection ovens, a walk-in freezer, flat grill cooking services, a stainless steel island with a double sink, dishwasher, microwave, warming oven, large commercial coffee maker, and ample counter space for food preparation.


The bar is accessible from the kitchen and serves onto the main auditorium. It has an ice-maker, accessible walk-in cooler, popcorn machine, and microwave. 


Men's, women's, and family washrooms are located in the facility and are handicap accessible.


There is ample parking available at the building, and on nearby side-streets, well over 100 spots.


There is ample lighting, as well as a wide variety of lighting variations to suit the needs of your event.

Internet Access

The facility has wi-fi and internet access available to users.


A built-in PA system can address the audio visual needs of most events, or there is ample room to bring in audio-visual equipment from outside if needed. Portable and ceiling mounted projectors and screens are available for the auditorium and meeting rooms.


The entire facility (excluding the stage) is ground level and there are no stairs or elevators in the building. There are handicap accessible Men's, Women's, and Family washrooms available. All main doorways have optional automatic door openers.

Caterers & Bartenders

Caterers and bartenders will find the The Acme Community Centre, with a modern industrial kitchen and bar, to be a pleasure to work in. The Acme Community Centre maintains a list of caterers and bartenders should your event require them, other outside caterers and bartenders are also welcome in the facility.


Catering from your friends!
Haley Hewlett:  (403) 895-2388  Email:
Donna Milan:  (403) 443-7798


Offering great food and service since 1995.
Tane Skotheim: (403) 586-8277 


Cirila Schar:    Email:


Acme Elks Club (Jim Northcott):  (403)-700-3465
Acme Fire Department:  (403) 546-3783

Our Location


Head North on the Queen Elizabeth the 2nd highway.
Turn East on either Highway 566, 567, or 72 and continue to Highway 9.
Turn North on Highway 9 and proceed to the intersection of Highway 9 and Highway 806 (just East of the Village of Beiseker).
Turn North on Highway 806.
The Village will be located on the East side of the highway. There is ample signage and obvious entrances.
Turn East into town at the Village of Acme sign (this will put you on Nolan Street).
Continue to the four-way stop and turn South (right) onto Walsh Street.
Continue on Walsh, and then turn East (left), on Allison Street.
The Acme Community Centre is located on the East (right) side of the street between the swimming pool and the curling rink. You can't miss it.

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