To request Tax Certificates:

please email your requests to or 
fax the request to 403-546-3014.

Cost is $20 payable by cheque.

In case of a water related emergencies, please call our Public Works Foreman at 403-312-9666


Metal and Rubble bins are here for the month of May. They are free for Village of Acme residents to use. 

Metal Bin 

No appliances: Linden takes appliances at no charge.

Remove any fabrics / plastics off metal. Place metal in metal bin: plastics & fabrics go in the rubble bin.

Allowed: BBQs, bikes, hot water tanks, etc. 

Rubble Bins

No appliances, construction material, lumber, plaster, drywall, concrete, or shingles.

No electronics: microwaves or televisions.

Allowed:  Household clean up (example: mattresses, carpets, furniture, plastics)


At the February 14th Council meeting, Council passed first reading on an updated Community Standards Bylaw. First reading means that this is a Bylaw that Council plans on enacting and is allowing time for the community to give feedback to Council on the content. A Draft can be viewed by clicking this link: Village of Acme Bylaw #2022-03 Community Standards Bylaw - DRAFT

Why an updated Community Standards Bylaw?

The need for this update is that our community is changing, so the following are a few reasons why changes have been made:


1. We have people working shift work who need to sleep at varying hours throughout the day or night and we all need to be
considerate and aware that excess noise affects sleep and enjoyment of life. 


2. We have seen vehicles parked every which way on a property and this quickly becomes unsightly and easily overgrown.


3. For the safety of our community, we have updated the requirements for removal of unused refrigerators and freezers, and
derelict vehicles.

Sports Day Poster 2022.jpg


The Acme Fire Department is in need for more volunteer firefighters. For more information or to apply, please contact Brian Fradgley, Fire Chief at

No experience necessary - all training will be provided.


The Palliser Web Map allows you to view:​ Property Zoning & Property Lines

Once on the site:

  1. Select public access

  2. Select Acme from the “Jump To” menu

  3. Use the legend to select the information you would like to see.

  4. Use the identify button to hover over property to see land use/zoning.

  5. The black lines are your property lines.


For assistance or for any questions, please call the Office at 403-546-3783.